Monday, April 4, 2011

Winter Fun!

Oh, the drama of winter. It's the time of heavy snowfall, power outages, sledding, and... Christmas!

To start off my break from school, I traveled with a neighbor down to Boise, near my mother's home. I was definitely looking forward to snow because up north at school, we hardly got any of the nice white stuff at all. Unfortunately, there wasn't a whole lot of snow left from Thanksgiving, but it sure as hell was cold! Not that I'm surprised. It's very common for my home town to start hitting the negative temperatures in late November, and every year, I'm always prepared! My bedroom doesn't have insulation as the house was built in 1867, but thankfully, I have double-paned windows that are almost new. I also have a space heater, and I sleep with a heating pad, flannel sheets, a thick quilt, a fleece blanket, fleece socks, and flannel jammies ;) So, I can say that I at least know how to keep warm in a colder climate.

To start off the Christmas celebrations, my mom's best friend, Terri held a party at her place. Everyone had to bring their own ornaments, as she had divorced just three months before my mother did, which was in December of 2008. I can't even count how many people turned up, but everyone was stuffed and happy, and Terri's tree looked like it had exploded with ornaments! She was so delighted to have new decorations.

Since so much more went on during the winter break, here's some pictures to just sum it all up :)

Sledding at Steamboat.

My brother and Matschi.

The tree snapped during a four day snow storm (we've had week long or two week long snow storms before), and the power was out for two days (also, we've had two week long power outages)! We didn't think our ASH tree would snap, as they are very sturdy trees!

My backyard.

The snow became a giant barricade for our dog at the back door!

My mom and her granddaughter.

My mom and her grandson playing with his new light sabers.

A house in the valley, decorated with nice Christmas lights :)


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