Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Weekend

Bee is 18 months now... and a screamer.

It actually took me a while to get this picture, and even then, she was pretty grumpy despite her nap. I'm now wondering if it's her pigtails that made her that way... probably the hair ties pulling at her little hairs. Oh well... she still looks cute. Even if I accidentally made one higher than the other, but of course, she wouldn't let me fix it.

Although Bee kept giving me "devil child" pictures, I did manage to get a couple of good ones, too. I think that they turned out good though because she was just thrilled with the dandelions everywhere. Too bad that they had all gone to seed, so now there will soon be a bunch of brand new dandelions in the yard! Not like there aren't enough already...

Did you notice that adorable romper?? It's been at my mom's house for a while now, since before Bee was born. She's only really in it because Chris doesn't have the sense to bring an extra change of clothes. I had told him to bring warm clothes along with their other clothes. He apparently only heard "bring warm clothes." So... the kids only had long sleeved shirts and sweat pants. Luckily for him, there were extra clothes at the house!

I suppose I'm going off topic. I originally stated that Bee had become a screamer. And, well... she has. Although, she didn't start up until Sunday afternoon. When Chris took us all out to breakfast and dinner on Saturday at Trudy's Kitchen, Bee behaved very well. She was quiet, though messy as all babies are. Her brother even managed to not pout and throw fits at the restaurant either, which usually happens, and it can be embarrassing. But it's usually their dad's fault. He tends to try and force feed Matschi food that he doesn't want, and it of course, results in a screaming fit. I swear, one of these days...

Anyway, while we were out for ice cream, Matschi and Bee got their own small cup of ice cream to share. Chris however, made the mistake of feeding Bee some of his ice cream before she could taste her own. So naturally, she wanted whatever he had, because guess what, it was Cookies n' Cream ice cream... When she and Matschi got their cup to share, Bee didn't want anything to do with it--she wanted Daddy's ice cream. But though Chris tried not to give in, Bee would just scream because she wasn't getting what she wanted. Eventually, Chris gave her the rest of his cone when there was just a little bit left. Unfortunately... Bee held onto it for so long, that the ice cream in the cone ended up melting, and she dumped the whole thing onto her lap, and then all over the booth we were sitting in. Then when I tried to clean her up and the booth, she again started screaming.

End ice cream outing.

When we got home, I also realized that Bee was soaked through her diaper. Chris hadn't changed her in a good five hours or so... And since he had no other change of clothes, he had strip her, and she ran around in just her diaper for a while until I could find something for her to wear. This was before I found the romper though, and the dress that I found was 2T, which is too big for Bee, but she seemed to get around in it just fine.

There's also a mosquito on her face... If you didn't notice anyway. And in that dress, she kind of looks like one of the poor trailer children in town.

But despite that, there was a moment in which Bee was very quiet, which everyone knows, a quiet child is a mischievous child. To my surprise though, I found her sitting in a chair like a little lady. You'd never think she was really a spoiled little screamer!

But while Bee was sitting still, her brother was playing with one of his favorite balls... though poor Cody was staring out of sliding glass door at him, just dying to be outside.

So, I eventually found that romper that I showed at the beginning of this post since I realized that it was near impossible for Bee to walk up the stairs without stepping on the dress and falling over. So, I dug through my old closet, and voila! Cute, seaside romper!

Too bad she'll be too big for it by next month. The romper is 12-18 months, so I guess it'll look mostly new for whenever the next little girl comes into the family. That could be quite a ways down the road though. Yay for hand-me-downs!

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