Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cloth--I love it!

So lately, I've been doing research on cloth diapers and cloth wipes even in preparation to the new little one that's due in November. Cloth diapers, I say heck yes. They save money, they're environmentally friendly, and there aren't any chemical's to go against baby's skin. What I haven't been too keen on, however, is the usage of cloth wipes. Whether it's for baby, or for cleaning. I could just never like the idea of using cloth whatsoever. It just seems so... disgusting. I'm the person that tends to use paper towels instead to clean up messes, going through several. Well, today I couldn't use paper towels.

I have cast iron skillets. Or... my mom does. And we don't wash them in the traditional sense because my mom would have a fit if I dared to use soap and water on them, unless it's a very minimal amount of water ONLY just to moisten food that has dried and stuck to the pan. Then we generally use steel wool to scrub it and afterward, wipe it down with paper towels. But we end up using a good three or four when wiping one of the pans, and our stock of the towels runs out quickly since these cast iron pans are our only pans when it comes to cooking. Because we don't use teflon. No way! Experts tell us that teflon is safe as long as it doesn't heat up to a certain temperature. Well, I'll tell you this... our stoves get a lot hotter than what is required safe for teflon pans, meaning that chemicals get released into our food. GROSS. So... cast iron it is :)

Now... today, I discovered that I was out of paper towels. I kept hesitating on using the big stash of rags in my laundry room that I never use. I think I stared at them for a good ten minutes or so before I decided, "Screw it! These pans will never get clean if I just keep staring!" So, I broke down and got to work.


Not only can I use just TWO rags for THREE pans, but they're easy to rinse in the sink. Then all I have to do is just hang them over the hamper to dry so they don't get all foul-smelling in the laundry before putting them in the wash. It's that simple. No more paper towels for this young woman!

I actually feel better about myself now. Is this normal? I think I may have to use rags for a lot of other things, too...

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