Thursday, November 10, 2011

More Kids, More Tears

Look, leaves!


"One leaf," Matschi says. *sigh* I tried playing a counting game with him, and just when I thought he was getting the hang of it... well, it's obvious that he didn't. I'm concerned with the fact that he doesn't know how much one or two is, or even what letter his first name starts with. Should I be concerned? Or am I just worrying too much? I think I am...

Well... while I was with my brother, we went to the park to play. Staying cooped up inside just isn't my thing. I love nature too much, and the kids love the playground as if it's the air that they breathe.

See? Look at that grin!


Despite grins and giggles though... Matschi ran into a bar. It seemed like something off of America's Funniest Home Videos with the way that flipped backwards. I was of course concerned though! Don't get me wrong. I'm not THAT mean. But at least I now know that he's truly related to me.

I'm a klutz, and well... Matschi is just about as accident prone as I was when I was a kid. People used to think my parents beat me because I had bruises and cuts everywhere, but let's just say I wobbled into too many wall corners and tripped over too much air!

Matschi though... bars and curbs seem to be attracted to him. Hopefully we won't be as clumsy when he gets older. Though I will admit... I find myself tripping more often than I'd like these days.

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  1. i am glad you commented on my blog, because now i love yours! and i am convinced that your not a creeper. :) shoot me your e-mail and i will make sure you get added.