Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Antelope Island & Homeschooling

So we've decided to start homeschooling. Mostly because we believe that we can teach the kids far more than the school system can, and not in a prison-like system either. I enjoyed school as a kid, but I had lived in a small town then, and the teachers were all pretty laid back, and we did a lot of hands-on or outdoor activities, which is rare for your usual public school. Especially a high school. But looking at the school system now, we don't exactly want the chitlins going... So we'll be starting Monday. I'm kind of nervous to see how this goes. Mostly because Andi and I don't exactly have a defined method of teaching. It's really a mixture of Montessori and unschooling, which probably doesn't make much sense. Eh... I suppose it'll just be our own awesome style.

Not too long ago, we took the kids on an adventure to Antelope Island. I hadn't been since 1997, and the rest of the family had never been period. So, it was definitely a fun experience, and the kids (despite being 2 1/2 and 4) managed to hike up the hill with us. No complaints either. Just some silly faces!

I will admit though... the trek up the trail went a LOT slower than I would've liked... Especially with Bee's tiny legs. Her brother was running up and down though, jumping over rocks like the typical boy, and honestly... with that much energy, I wasn't gonna stop him. Though, I did warn him that he might hurt himself. Every time I say this, his response is always, "Nooooo!"

He never listens...

But hey... what kind of kid doesn't get hurt? Children are generally clumsy, and none of us are ones to baby them. He's a tough kid though. He started laughing after this picture was taken and started to reenact what happened. Laughter is his usual response after two or three minutes of shock and crying... And his hugs and kisses.

All in all though, everyone had fun. We'd like to go back, though nobody really appreciated the salty smell of the great lake. I honestly had forgotten the odor that came off of it... Yikes... I think seeing some bison made up for it though... 


Quick! Family photo!

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