Sunday, February 24, 2013

Signing Time

Just a short post about Signing Time. We got this in January and started watching it with the kids. They actually happen to like it, and though it took them two or three days, they were finally starting to sign along with the show and even started to use some of the signs in the kitchen! While they like the signing videos, they like the signing songs a lot more, especially the one about all the colors.

With Signing Time, I've heard that it builds a child's vocabulary, and that some even begin to read the words that are displayed on the screen. I can't say that Bee and Matschi are reading words, but they're definitely interested in them, and they're attempting to write letters now. Matschi is mostly obsessed with writing the letter H though, which is expected, as that's the first letter of his name. Bee tries, but they look more like scribbles. But at least she's trying, right?

All in all though, Signing Time is pretty fun for the kids, and it's something I recommend for young children. And babies too! It's an easy way to put words into their hands so they can tell you their needs instead of you getting frustrated while trying to figure out what they want!

And while Matschi and Bee can talk, of course, they're learning ASL for when the new baby comes in the middle of July. Plus it gives Andi time to interact with her step-children.

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